VIP Recognition at a Hotel


What does it really mean to be a “VIP” at a hotel?

VIP recognition at a hotel or resort means that upper level hotel management anticipates your arrival and has noted your individual travel preferences. After booking your reservation, I personally reach out to the hotel’s sales director on your behalf, notifying them of your arrival time, special dietary requirements, equipment needs, preferred room location, and any other details to personalize your stay. Our travel partners go the extra mile to ensure that you are treated like a welcomed friend, rather than reservation #43534795. 

Additionally, my affiliations with Brownell Travel (the oldest travel agency in North America) and Virtuoso® (a global network of luxury travel providers) allow me to offer exclusive VIP perks and amenities to my clients, at thousands of the best hotels and resorts around the world. These companies produce billions of dollars in travel sales every year, and that translates into special value-added benefits in your favor. From priority access to room upgrades, complimentary daily breakfast for two, $100 credits for activities/spa/dining, these amenities are included at no additional cost. If you would like VIP recognition and incredible complimentary amenities and upgrades (for the same price you would pay by booking directly), contact me today!  

Work hard. Travel smarter.

Kristen Nix