Planning a trip when you are gluten free or have special dietary needs can require extensive research. My son was diagnosed with celiac disease and it has changed the way we traveled. For us and most people that need to avoid gluten, a successful trip includes exhaustive internet searches and multiple phone calls and emails to ensure that our destination provides us with safe, gluten-free options that are well prepared, delicious, and easily accessible. 

Working with a well-connected travel advisor can be a game-changer for gluten free travel. Many four-star and five-star hotels and resorts do an outstanding job accommodating guests who have gluten intolerance or other special dietary requirements. Through my partnerships with the finest hotels and resorts in the travel industry, I am able to secure complimentary daily breakfast for two, food and beverage credits, and much more at our partner hotels, worldwide. Your most important meal of the day will be safe and complimentary. This is the best way to travel. 

My firsthand knowledge combined with strong global relationships and preferred partnerships allow me to offer a solution for clients traveling with gluten-free or other special dietary requirements. I will help you chose the best property, do the research, make the calls, and connect with the executive chefs and hotel management, making sure your valuable time away is stress-free. Here's how it works:

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Let's Connect

What would make your trip amazing? Let's find out, either through a phone call (the best way) or by exchanging emails. We will discuss the basics: where you would like to go, when you would like to travel, who you will be traveling with, and how much you are comfortable spending. We will also address your dietary needs and concerns. Why is this trip important to you? What would make this trip amazing?Together, we will discover your idea of the perfect trip. 


Trip Design

Let's work collaboratively to create a trip that's perfect for you. I will do the research, make the calls, talk to management and culinary teams, and present you with several hotel and restaurant options based on your preferences and requirements. Any feedback, ideas, or research you have found on the internet is welcomed and encouraged. Once you narrow down your options and choose your favorites, I will go ahead and make all the reservations. 


Bon Voyage!

The reservations have been finalized, the details checked and re-checked, and it's time to relax and enjoy your trip. I will be communicating with our partners on the ground to make sure things are running smoothly. At any point you need me during your trip, I am available by phone, text, or email. Let's follow up after your return home to share highlights and offer feedback. Where are you going next?