What is Luxury Travel?

Luxury travel today means much more than golden chandeliers, personal butlers, and marble bathrooms. These days, luxury is very subjective and very personal. Adventure travel is the ultimate luxury for some, while others consider traveling with their extended family (also known as multigenerational travel) as their preferred indulgence. Authentic experiences are paramount to some savvy travelers, who put the highest value on "un-Google-able" experiences and meeting the locals. 

My definition of luxury does not include any of those trends. For me, luxury travel means a personalized stay in a great hotel, easy access to restaurants serving food that is safe for my son with Celiac, in destinations with beautiful beaches, pristine golf courses, and popular cities. We love traveling during shoulder and low seasons, when value is high and crowds are relatively thin. 

The trips I enjoy most with my family are logistically very simple. We prefer easily accessible beach resorts with fabulous restaurants and plenty of on-property fitness, sports, and wellness activities. This allows us to connect with each other and hit the "reset button" on our lives. When in a city destination, we choose the very best hotels and take advantage of all the shopping and sightseeing in close proximity to the hotel. 

I'm sure that as the years go by, my definition of luxury travel will evolve and change. But for now, these are the things that matter and are worth paying a little more for. What matters most to you? What's your luxury? 

 All photos by Kristen Nix, taken at Four Seasons Resort Lanai

All photos by Kristen Nix, taken at Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Kristen Nix